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Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating

Dragon boating is often referred to as the ultimate team sport, requiring precision, rhythm, and strength from a crew of 20+ people.

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Kayaking offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and explore breathtaking landscapes.

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Outrigger Canoeing

Outrigger Canoeing

OC6 – “OC” stands for “outrigger canoe.” The designation “six” means that it seats six paddlers. This heavy water craft is meant for fun.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a popular water sport that combines elements of surfing and paddling.

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About us

About the Club

Quinte Paddling Club is located at 35 Keegan Pkwy, Belleville ON, sharing a facility with the Quinte Rowing Club.

Our club began with a Dragon Boat focus, racing under the crew names Quinte Top Gunnels, and Great Lake Paddlers. A New year and new members brought many opportunities for the club to grow.

what we proud of


Grand Opening of QPC
Brought Home the Gold
Recreational Dragon Boat Program
Personal Watercraft Group
Get on the Water Program
OTF Resilient Communities Grant
Partnership with OCC
The Quinte Paddling Club officially opened stemming from the Heat Competitive crew.
The Great Lake Paddlers win gold medals at Club Crew World Champions in Szeged, Hungary.
We added Recreational Dragon Boating to our list of program offerings
The Personal Watercraft Group formed as a way to promote physical fitness and mental health for members during distancing requirements of Covid.
The Get on the Water program established for community members to have an opportunity to try 5 different water sports including Kayak, Outrigger Canoe, SUP, Canoe and Dragonboat
Awarded the OTF Resilient Communities Grant allowing us to purchase a fleet of personal watercraft to enhance our Get on The Water Program
Outrigger Canoe Club joined Quinte Paddling Club allowing members from both clubs the opportunity to enjoy new watersports


I like the friendships that are built. The kindness of others more experienced and the acceptance of everyone. And as an result, you work harder than you ever had and feel better about yourself.


The first time I was seated in a Dragonboat I felt like it was a living being, it had a pulse, a heartbeat. Over the years dragonboating has improved my fitness and taken me around the world racing. All across Canada, China, Malaysia, Italy & Hungary. It has also introduced me to many new friends both here and abroad.

Joining the Quinte Paddling Club and learning to paddle in an OC6 was a fantastic opportunity! It was incredibly fun, a great workout and I've met wonderful people!

Love the excitement of dragon boating with a fabulous coach who makes it fun, a workout and a learning experience! Plus the added pleasure of being on the water!                     Fitness on the water! It doesn’t get any better!

Dragon boating is an excellent group sport. It has been fun to meet new people while getting some exercise and learning a new skill.